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The current day dance parties are monotonous. They draw a superficial and a farcical response from not only the DJs performing there but also from the generation X that attends them for the heck of it. Captain Rahul Bali, MD of Innovations India Advertising & Events Pvt. Ltd. a multinational event management company had a vision of an evening that would be a dance party that rises above the ritualistic DJ parties. So he thought of creating a property that has all the ingredients of being desirable yet different. …and behold, he created the “Femme Razzmatazz”. 

“Femme Razzmatazz” is designed & based on an intensive research effort ranging from what is in vogue or is vague. It is a successful attempt to take an overview of a DJ based dance party in terms of the conventional perception, as much in terms of assessing the modern day entertainment being provided to all those who attend it. The main objective of “Femme Razzmatazz” is to have an evening which makes the audience feel like winners. The audiences are perceived not as a young dudes & duderinas, but as winning statements …“Femme Razzmatazz” is for the winners. 

The first edition of the event was a super successful series that rocked Nagpur in 2008. In the second edition, Innovations India took it to the B class cities as they were devoid of world class entertainment options. Femme Razzmatazz  rocked Ambala, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur & Dehradun in 2012 – 13.

In the present edition, Femme Razzmatazz goes to the beautiful North East of India, with International Female DJs taking the cities of Aizawl, Shillong and Guwahati by storm. 








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